Website Production

Commissioned by The Parlour, a cafe in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, U-MA created their official website.

As the first step in the production process, we had multiple interviews with the owner and also with regular customers. The owner's goal was to create a space full of smiling faces, a place where people could gather together as if they were at home and laugh. The goal of the website production was to convey the warmth of a restaurant where people naturally gather as if in a living room, and to present the ideal space of "The Parlour".

The Parlour is a small store that naturally attracts people... The atmosphere which has become a large presence despite its small size, is expressed not only in the design but also in the text (writing). The text is simple and light, yet it truly expresses the atmosphere of the store and the owner's passion.


スチール撮影 / Still Photo Shooting


U-MA also worked on the photographs used on the website.

ガパオライスやタコライス、生春巻きといった視覚的にも楽しめる彩り豊かなメニューを提供する「The Parlour(ザ・パーラー)」。ライティングや構図を吟味し、出しゃばり過ぎることのない「いつものあのメニュー」でありながら、シズル感ある写真に仕上げている。

The Parlour offers a colorful and delightful dishes such as gapao rice, taco rice, and spring rolls. The lighting and composition are carefully chosen to create photographs that makes "the usual menu items" shine, without being overdone.


「The Parlour(ザ・パーラー)」のイメージ動画制作も担当した。弊社より提案し制作した動画は、ホームページに挿入するだけにとどまらず、SNSでの活用や、将来的に動画広告を展開する際の流用も可能。常に広い視野を備えた精良な提案を心掛けている。

We were also in charge of producing the image video for "The Parlour". The videos we produced can also be used on social media and future advertisement videos. We always try to make good proposals with a broad perspective.



In addition to introducing their menu, the video includes stop-motion animation and footage of events held at The Parlour, showing the frequent customers enjoying their time. The video is compact, yet it is designed to give the viewer a realistic image of what it would be like to actually visit the store.

Client's comment
「The Parlour」オーナー様より

お店そのままの雰囲気をホームページに落とし込んでいただけました。店舗全体の様子がきちんと表現されているので、ホームページを見て初めてご来店されても全く違和感はないと思います。写真だけでなく動画を入れていただいたことで、お店の日常の空気感、またイベントやワークショップのリアルな様子がパッと伝わるのではないでしょうか。小さなお店なので最初は入りにくいと思うお客様もいらっしゃるかもしれませんが、ホームページを見ていただけたら気軽に「行ってみようかな」と感じていただけると思います。こちらの想いがきちんと伝わる、そんなホームページに仕上げていただけました。(The Parlour/オーナー)

We were able to incorporate the atmosphere of the store as it is into the website. The entire store is represented well, so even if you visit the store for the first time after looking at the website, it has the same feel. The photos and videos give the viewer a natural image of the store's daily life and the events and workshops that take place here. Some customers may think it is difficult to enter the store at first because it is such a small store, but I think the website will make them feel comfortable enough to open the door. U-MA has done a wonderful job creating a website that tells what we do.(Message from the owner of The Parlour)"

とても嬉しいメッセージ、ありがとうございました。「The Parlour」の持つ独自の温かみ、お客様の笑顔、お店の在り方。それらを実際に体感させていただき、お話をたくさんお聞かせいただけたことにより、リアルなお店の様子をホームページ上で表現できたと思っております。撮影時は常連のお客様をたくさん集めていただき、ワイワイ楽しい大変充実した時間となりました。改めて心より感謝申し上げます。(U-MA/ウーマ)

Thank you very much for your very nice message. The Parlour's warmth, the homieness of their regular customers, and of course, their amazing food. We believe that we were able to express the real atmosphere of the restaurant on our website by actually experiencing it and hearing many stories about it. We were able to gather many of our regular customers for the photo shoot, and it was a very enjoyable and productive time. We would like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.(U-MA)"