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Corporate Website Creation

We created a corporate website for Morita Architects, which is based in Yokote City, Akita, and focuses on general residential construction.

Morita Architects is a community-based construction company loved by the local community. They have designed houses that meet the condition of a snowy town. Although not a large construction company, they are able to make proposals that are close to their customers, which large housebuilders cannot realize, and they put their lives into "construction" with love and passion.  This website project was launched to make this passion visible to the world.




We are very happy to have the opportunity to get to know Morita Architects through this project.  We were deeply moved by the passion for architecture and the sincerity with which Mr.Morita wrote in his message. We were so moved by his passion and sincerity in dealing with his clients, that we decided to incorporate his impressions during our remote meetings and each word in the manuscript directly into the website without any major changes. We are more than happy if this site catches the eyes of many people and conveys the true charm of them. (from U-MA)