UI/UX Obsession

Providing Design and Creativity

メンタルトレーニングによって、トップアスリートやビジネスパーソンのパフォーマンス最大化をサポートする「OWN PEAK(オウンピーク)」。設立より手薄だったクリエイティブ領域…そこをU-MAが一手に引き受けている。「クリエイティブに関しては全てお任せします!」という言葉をいただき、ウーマは全力で考え、手を動かす。この関係性は互いに大きな利点があり、そして非常に強い。

OWN PEAK supports top athletes and businesspeople in maximizing their performance through mental training.
Creative direction wasn’t their priority since its launch, but now, U-MA has taken the role. They asked us to handle all aspects of creative direction, and so we think, move, and act.
This relationship has great benefits for both parties, and it is very strong.

Website Renewal

Take it Up a Notch

最初のご相談は「なかなか手をつけられていないホームページをリニューアルして活用したい」というもの。そこから綿密なヒアリングがスタートした。目的・ニーズを見据えたアプローチで、効果的なデザインを提案。OWN PEAKのビジネスモデルとブランドイメージの具現化を図った。

The initial consultation was to renew their website which they hadn't been able to put much work into. We proposed an effective design that focused on what they are looking for, and sought to embody OWN PEAK's business model and brand image.

UIUX Design & Writing

To Tell What to Tell

OWN PEAKにぴたりとフィットするデザインの構想はもちろん、今後追加されるコンテンツへの動線についても考慮したサイトプランを設計。そこに散りばめるテキストについても、フィット感を重視し過不足のない言葉を選択。OWN PEAK“そのまま”を表現できるように綴っている。

We designed their site that perfectly fit their image, and also with consideration for the flow line to the content that we will be adding in the future. The text was also carefully written to blend in the site and to express OWN PEAK as it is.

Running side by side with the client

Knowing What They Need


It is difficult for any growing company to keep up with creative areas. U-MA's style is to run alongside the client. We generously offer our experience and knowledge in the creative field, and provide support as if we were the "creative department" of the company.

Time for Headshots


Photo/Video Shooting Session


U-MA has shot countless photos and videos, and the first thing we do before filming is to get to know our subjects. To understand their business style, and brand concept. Then, we ask ourselves, how do we make them look attractive? What is the best method? Only then we are able to create the work that perfectly fits the client.


撮影はU-MA併設のスタジオで実施。さまざまな撮影プランを並べ、そこから最適なプランを導いていく。人物の表情はもちろん、光、アングル、遠近感といったたくさんの要素を組み立てていき、「OWN PEAK」の魅力を正しく伝え視覚に訴える1枚を創り上げている。

The photoshoot session was held at our studio. We discuss and plan out an effective shooting plan before setting up. The photographer assembles light, angles, and not to mention the facial expressions, to create images that accurately tells OWN PEAK's character and appeals to the eye.


動画撮影もU-MAが得意とするところ。「OWN PEAK」が日頃実施しているメンタルトレーニングセミナーの雰囲気を動画撮影。臨場感を味わえたり疑似体験ができたりするのは動画の良さ。リアルな様子を伝えることで、問い合わせや申し込みの動機付けを図っている。

Video production is also one of U-MA's specialties. We shot videos of the actual mental training seminars that OWN PEAK helds regularly. A good video can almost feel like an actual experience. By showing the realness, the video aims to motivate more inquiries.


Logo Design

メンタルトレーニングでパフォーマンス最大化をサポートする「OWN PEAK」、その在り方をデザインに込めた。ロジカル思考を忘れず、黄金比を使用したグリッドにて展開。「企業ブランディングに効果的である」「WEBだけでなく印刷物への展開を考慮し汎用性が高い」を吸収したロゴデザインを提案した。

OWN PEAK supports their client’s and maximizing their performance through mental training.  We put the image of maximizing ones performance into this logo, which we designed based on a grid using the golden ratio. We proposed a logo design that is effective for corporate branding and can be used for websites and printed materials, and so on.



New Connections Make New Opportunities

共に素晴らしい作品を創出しつづけよう。そんな風に始まった人と人との繋がり。それが新たなクリエイティブを創っていく…本プロジェクトもそのひとつ。FC目黒・FC千代田という団体、そして団体を率いる株式会社プチポンジャパンから紹介を受け、団体と密に関わる「OWN PEAK」のクリエイティブプロジェクトが始動した。

The connection of creative production goes a long way.

FC Meguro and FC Chiyoda, led by Petit Pont Japan, introduced us to the people of OWN PEAK, and this is when our creative production project began.


初めてU-MAさんのオフィスを訪問した際に、ロックと居心地の良さが融合された空間やクリエイティブへのこだわりをお聞きし、瞬間的に「お任せすれば大丈夫!」と確信したことを覚えています。その後の毎回の打ち合わせも楽しくて、発展的。もともとHP制作の依頼だったにもかかわらず、こちらの課題でもあったロゴ制作、写真撮影、名刺・冊子づくりなど、マーケティングとクリエイティブ全体の課題に寄り添っていただき、プロフェッショナルの在り方を見せていただいています。お任せできてよかったです!(OWN PEAK代表/伴元裕)

When I visited U-MA's office for the first time, I remember seeing the space combined with coziness and rocknroll, and hearing about their commitment to creativity, and I was instantly convinced that I can leave everything to them! Every meeting was fun and productive. Even though we originally asked them to create our website, they have shown us their generousity by taking care of our overall marketing and creative issues, such as logo design, photography, business cards, and brochures. We are really glad to have them with our project!(Message from Mr.Motohiro Ban / Representative of OWN PEAK)


Thank you very much for your kind message! We vividly remember when Mr. Nakamura (representative of FC Meguro & FC Chiyoda), with whom we originally had a relationship in the creative field, introduced Mr. Ban to us. With OWN PEAK's deep experience and the potential for further expantion, and most of all Mr. Ban's passion and sincere attitude toward mental training, all made us feel strongly that we wanted to visualize their service in the best possible form through the power of creativity. The more we hear about the importance and necessity of mental training, the more interesting it is for us to learn about it. There are still many plans on the way, and we hope to make the best of each of them through our discussions.It's our honor to work with you! (U-MA)