MEDICOM TOY(メディコム・トイ)社が開発し、世界中で愛されているアクションフィギュア「BE@RBRICK(ベアブリック)」のティザーサイト制作事例。

A teaser website for the world famous action figure, BE@RBRICK by MEDICOM TOY.


The order for this job was to use the provided theme color, and other than that, we were totally free to design anything we want. For a month, before the presentation, we researched about the product, the company, and the consumers thoroughly, and made an art direction by thinking outside of the box. For the global audience, for the loyal BE@RBRICK fans, for the people who takes this product in their hands for the first time..., we came up with a design that is meant to be something no one has seen before, but also attracting to everyone.(Although this was a project with a really, really tight schedule, our staffs worked hard to make this happen. We'd like to thank you all for your hard work.)



THANK YOU FOR THE 20th ANNIVERSARY!!(祝!ベアブリック誕生20周年!)、さらにMEDICOM TOY(メディコム・トイ)25周年という記念すべきBE@RBRICKシリーズ42。テーマカラーは「レインボーメッキ」。過去、BE@RBRICKシリーズにないデザインを…という強い想いのもと、フワフワと空中に浮いている神秘的な印象のビジュアルを構想した。

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of BE@RBRICK and the 25th anniversary of MEDICOM TOY, the BE@RBRICK series 42 was born with a shimmering plated rainbow color as the main theme color. We wanted to create a fresh new design, and came up with the idea of a mystical floating image.


In the glimmering rainbow background, rises a golden stage, and the new BE@RBRICK series 42 collection lines up in a mystical atmosphere. Each bear shows up in the middle of the stage when you point the cursor.

STAFF CREDITCoding : Dohyoung GimDirection・HTML support : Tomoyuki MiyakawaArt Direction : Hanamaru Fujii






The theme color of BE@RBRICK Series 40 is "Brown. A massive book dropped into an old and isolated space. At first glance, it creates a calm atmosphere, but a sense of playfulness has been crept into various parts of the work to excite viewers with a sense of anticipation. The client company gave high marks to this proposal, which is a major change from the teaser site released in the past.


The excitement of holding a BE@RBRICK in one's hands is expressed through the vintage-looking leather-bound book and the purple light running over it. Each bear in the collection is used as a bookmark, and when you open the page, you will find each bear listed there, creating a sense of narrative. The world of the BE@RBRICK Series 40 is expressed as if it were a historical library that holds old books, and the rarity of the BE@RBRICK Series 40 is also expressed.

STAFF CREDITOPENING CG : Ryosuke FukuchiCoding : Dohyoung GimDirection・HTML support : Tomoyuki MiyakawaArt Direction : Hanamaru Fujii





The BE@RBRICK Series 39, which uses "orange" as its theme color, was designed with this immersive experience in mind: the moment it opens, the orange neon sign glows suspiciously, drawing you into another world.


The concept is "A secret base bar for adults where bears are lined up". A collection of bears lined up in a backlit room. Neon signs, lamps, and outer boxes in the background shift with the movement of the mouse, creating a space with depth. When clicking on each bear, orange neon rays trace the product and detailed information pops up. The pop-ups also fall like a swing from the back to the front to create a sense of depth. The focus of the content expression is to convey information in an easy-to-understand manner. We dared to reduce the gimmicky elements, and only used micro-instructions in the presentation.