How to walk to STAR room

You can see how to walk from NAKAI station (this is TOEI OOEDO line, not Seibu Shinjyuku. be careful !!)

Nakai is 5 stop from Shinjyuku station by TOEI OOEDO line around 7 min.

and You can walk from Nakai station to apt, only 3-5min.

IMG_0985this is ticket gate. Nakai station (OOEDO LINE) has only one ticket gate. If you need you can find public phone around this gate (green color one). Put 10yen and call me for asking the way to apt.

IMG_0986You can see yellow Guide plate. go right way.

A1 is your exit

IMG_0982Please go out and up the stairs. and go right way.

img_0981-1024x768Outside view with right view. This big road called “YAMATE DORI”turn right You can find narrow road with yellow bar. Immediately beside the station exit. Don’t miss.

img_0980-1024x768walk in this narrow road. Just follow this road, You can reach.

continue walk, continue walk,,,,,

after 3 min, You can find yellow vender. here is building where have room. Turn right.

this is the building.

this is entrance.

Key is here !

check mail box “208”IMG_0968
If we can’t meet up and give room key, open the post and find out The key I put in.

after pick up the key, walk forward. You can see elevator.

this is door of lift.

after 2nd floor, turn right. you can see same view with this picture.

You can get in. was cheers for good walking.

inside room, You can find “HOUSE RULE BOOK” please read first and follow our rule thank you.

If you lost, please feel free for asking me you may want to know.

You may want to know

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