How to come to apt from Narita Airport

after Narita, something you should do

/ after get Luggage, get Japanese cash
/ get Pocket Wi-Fi


transfer from Narita Airport to NAKAI station

TOEI OOEDO line Nakai station is the most close station from my room.

They have many way to Nakai station (TOEI OOEDO line) from Narita Airport.
I will put easy way.

faster & easy

Narita Airport—-( NEX “Narita Express”)—>Shinjyuku station(big hub city)
¥3,190 77min
Shinjyuku station—-(TOEI OOEDO line)—>Nakai station
¥220 8min

¥3,410 85min

Cheaper + transfer

Narita Air port —-(KEISEI Skyliner)—>Nishi Nippori station
¥2,465 38min

Nishi Nippori station—-(TOEI ASAKUSA line)—>Shinjyuku station(big hub city)
¥194 21min

Shinjyuku station—-(TOEI OOEDO line)—>Nakai station
¥220 7min

¥2,897 90min(incl transfer)

You may want to know

HOW TO get room key & how to walk from Nakai station to apt