How to walk to TOPROOM

You can see how to walk from NISHI SHINJUKU 5 CHOME station (subwayname is TOEI OOEDO line  station Number is E29)

mapNISHI SHINJYUKU 5 CHOME station is 2 stop from Shinjyuku station by TOEI OOEDO line around 5 min and You can walk from the station to apt, just 3-5min.

img_2193this is ticket gate. Nishi Shinjyuku 5 Chome station (OOEDO LINE) has only one ticket gate.


After pass ticket gate, You can find yellow sign.


A2 is your exit

img_2225after up the stairs. and go left way.

Just follow the street.You can see buildings like thisimg_2226img_2228img_2229You can reach around here 1~2 min from station. Can you see the signal ?

img_2230img_2231walk pass the signal. After pass the crossload, turn to Left.


after turn Left, Just follow the street.



You can find convenience store 24h open. You can buy anything you wan at here. Here is the nearest store.


Here is 10 sec from ¥100 shop. This Building is the building !! You made it !!


walk down to B1.


Here is the entrance. Just walk in.

this is the LIFT.

This pic is inside of the lift. apt is 10th floor. be careful ! When you out, please hit the “B1”. You can’t go outside by “1F”

This pic is the lift door open at 10th floor. Walk out & turn to Left.

img_2176This is your room.

Key is here !

O will hide the key inside this small door. Please open and find the room key.img_2177key01key02

Check the password !! in AirBnB message

You need password. I will let you know what is the number for unlock the key in AirBnB message. Don’t forget about password.

Please print out or capture pics on your mobile before leaving.


transfer from Narita Airport to Nishi Shinjyuku 5 chome station

TOEI OOEDO line Nishi Shinjyuku 5 chome station is the nearest station from my room.

They have many way to this station (TOEI OOEDO line) from Narita Airport.
I will put easy way.

faster & easy

Narita Airport—-( NEX “Narita Express”)—>Shinjyuku station(big hub city)
¥3,190 77min
Shinjyuku station—-(TOEI OOEDO line)—>Nishi Shinjuku go chome station
¥220 8min

¥3,410 85min

Cheaper + transfer

Narita Air port —-(KEISEI Skyliner)—>Nishi Nippori station
¥2,465 38min

Nishi Nippori station—-(TOEI ASAKUSA line)—>Shinjyuku station(big hub city)
¥194 21min

Shinjyuku station—-(TOEI OOEDO line)—>Nishi Shinjuku go chome station
¥220 7min

¥2,897 90min(incl transfer)

from Haneda Airport to Nishi Shinjyuku 5 chome station

faster & easy

Haneda Airport—-( Limousine bus)—>Shinjyuku station(big hub city)
¥1,200 60min
Shinjyuku station—-(TOEI OOEDO line)—>Nishi Shinjuku go chome station
¥180 5min


Cheaper + transfer

Narita Air port —-(KEIKYU line)—>Daimon station(Toei Asakusa line)

Daimon  station—-(TOEI OOEDO line)—>Nishi Shinjyuku 5 chome station


¥620 60min(incl transfer)